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  • What kind of products can I sell with JetTemplate?

    The main 2 types are digital and physical. Digital types are those that can be downloaded after personalization, for example, invitation templates, SAVE THE DATE, photocollage, as well as Snapchat Geofilters. The physical include those in which the client must confirm the end of personalization and the seller transfers or prints this layout on a physical product, for example, T – shirts, mugs, invitations, business cards, etc.

  • Can I start work with JetTemplate immediately after registration?

    Yes, of course! Register, add your own designs and sell them! Step by step instructions here …

  • How do clients get access to the purchased templates?

    There are 2 ways to gain access, immediately after the purchase, customers receive an e - mail with a link to the template and access password. Clients can also go directly to and enter email address and number of order to gain access to purchased products.

  • Can I show templates to clients before the purchase?

    Yes, you can put a link to the demo version of the design in the product description on Etsy. The design has watermarks and there is no “download template” function in the demo version.

  • Can I get access to my client’s account to help or make changes to the products they purchased?

    Yes, you can log into your clients’ accounts and edit their templates

  • Can I connect the created templates on JetTemplate to existing listings or do I need to re – create them?

    Templates made on JetTemplate connect to both new and existing listings. You can connect the JetTemplate templates to your listings gradually, this allows you to avoid interruptions in sales.

  • If I work in a team with designers, is it possible to delimit access so that only I have access to orders, and a team – only to creating of templates?

    Yes, you have the opportunity to work in a team using hired designers and they will not see the administrative part responsible for sales, each of them will have a separate account with the rights of the designer

  • Can I know if my client was able to use the purchased template?

    Yes, if the client does not open the purchased template during the day, the management system will warn you about it

  • If I sell physical products, for example, T – shirts, how do I know that client has completed the personalization of product?

    The buyer will make changes in the layout of the design of physical product himself, and upon completion confirms it by clicking “agree” button, which of you will be informed immediately

  • Can I create an individual order for a client?

    Yes, you can create an individual order, and then send a demo link to the client, with the ability to show the finished layout, but with copy and save protection. And then – attach this layout to the order and give him full access.

  • Can I upload my own fonts and graphics?

    Yes, you can upload your own fonts in formats .OTF, .TTF and .WOFF and images in formats .JPG, .PNG, .SVG and .GIF. You can also use a collection of more than 1000 free high – quality fonts integrated into JetTemplate.

  • I sell engraved glasses, but there is no such type of products in the “physical products” tab, what should I do?

    If among the proposed, you have not found the kind of product that you sell, you can choose the type of product “Custom” and customize it for yourself, or we will create a separate template for your product absolutely free, just let us know about it.